Wednesday, 05 August 2009
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And so, just like that and possibly only somewhat finally, I have left Curacao. The run-up over the last 3 months initially took forever and then in the end the days went very fast… I am writing these lines from my parents’ home in Germany

I have done all the necessary running around from the tax office, to the registrar’s office to Immigration and now have got another interesting looking stamp in my passport.

I have sold my car and my TV, both at staggering losses and I have returned my beloved little apartment with its wonderful terrace to my landlord.

I have sent off a good deal of my belongings to my next destination and have left a few bits and pieces behind.

While I am glad that I’m out I also sincerely can say that I had a good time. How could I really complain about a place with eternal sunshine where it is always Happy Hour somewhere.

Sure, the place will never cease to make me shake my head, it very likely has the slowest walking people on this planet, service is generally pretty bad and a good deal of the population will have to overcome their slavery attitude problems if they ever wanna have a go at the big game.

However, it is a real nice place to be if you have a few florin to spend and don’t have to keep worrying all the time.

I think I can say that I hold no grudges against country or anyone on it, but then again, hold that thought.

There is one thing I need to make the world aware of. The world’s most useless company is located in Curacao. I have come across companies in a range of countries that generally make you wonder. Curacao actually has an abundance of these. Admittedly, I’m not too sure I would have wanted to deal with some of the companies I have worked for, but these guys really really take the cake. I am talking of course about Direct TV.

I have long known that god’s plan for me involves spending some time with each of the world’s most stupid people and in Curacao this is undoubtedly the folks at Direct TV. This people are incompetent on such a colossal scale that it beggars belief.

Seriously, I have deposited more intelligent life into a handkerchief.

Every single contact with this company on any level was difficult and sometimes retarded beyond comprehension. I have tried everything with them to help them help me: I begged, I insulted & threatened them, I tried their approach and played stupid (which as you know will not take me all that much). Nothing works. As a rule of thumb, they will tell you one thing, and then either not do it, or do the opposite. I guess in a way there is at least consistency.

Even though my mum warned me about doing this, I do hope somebody from Direct TV reads this as all my attempts of contacting them have of course failed as even their phone system is completely useless and emails and faxes are not answered either. I hope I have insulted the shit out of you Direct TV folks and would very much welcome some sort of contact. As you know, you still owe me Naf 64, which you unlawfully have taken from my bank account on June 29 and which you promised you would return over 5 weeks ago. Consistent with your policy, you have obviously not done so.

If you do that again, let it be known that I will immediately take you to court. You have also failed to pick up the receiver, which I guess now will never be resolved.

Wolfi 014

Wolfi 002 But on to more positive things. Being the Ass(t) Controller I must have left some impression other than the continuously grumpy dude, as on my various leaving parties I was positively showered with valuable gifts that will invariably improve my life. Thanks very much everybody!

I have gained many interesting and valuable experiences and have come across and experienced many situations unheard of in my part of the world. I have gained new skills and as Manager on Duty I have attracted disaster to the hotel of almost biblical proportions (see some of the previous blogs). Most importantly, I made new friends.Wolfi 006

With that, I wish those friends and the little place that is the Curacao Marriott with its crew all the best of luck and success. In my experience you always meet twice, so be ready! Take care!

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