Saturday, 16 August 2008
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Well, I could tell you all about my boss getting sick with chicken pox and me drowning quite a bit at work, but then who wants to hear about that.

Instead, I will tell you about the consequences of the return of our IT Manager. You see, just like me this individual was sent traveling and has just recently returned. To save money however, we had merged our 2 households into one and had given up one apartment. The apartment we gave up happened to be mine. When I returned about 6 weeks ago, I had moved into her place, which is where all my stuff was anyway. New House 007

As it is a one bedroom apartment, this worked just fine until her return. Once we got news of her return though it was time to start looking for a new home.

I have made my experiences before with estate agents here as well with a local landlord. I was therefore determined to accomplish this whole task without both. There is quite a good website here that helps and as you will see in a minute, it worked out.

So as of about 2 weeks ago you can find me at Oost Jongbloed 66c. It's a brand new Mini-Resort with 12 units. I'm in the red one. 

New House 005There are 4 big upgrades from the previous place for essentially the same price:

I do have a Dutch landlord who has the added benefit of living next door, so you can grab him relatively easily to get something done, which is fantastic compared to the previous guy.

I do have a guestroom now which should be interesting to the ones of you thinking about visiting.

I have a terrace now (something I have missed very much) which is almost as good as Germany's best beergarden at my parents' house and just as well suited for drinking beer. There is even more days of sunshine and you can sit on your terrace without a shirt on Christmas Eve at 11pm to wait for Santa. I'm writing these lines on my terrace. Unfortunately I have no grass I could cut or any other plants so I will have to make do with the other dominating landscape feature which also doubles as the final upgrade: New House 009

I do have a pool now. It is so close I could throw my empty beer bottles into it without too much effort. Is that cool or what? Yes, I think so too. It also makes for a rather nice place to drink beer. After all the children have drowned that is and it is a tad more quiet. Unfortunately the little buggers seem to have intention of drowning, so for the moment I will have to put up with the critters. And of course I do not throw my empty bottles into the pool....

This would not be me and it would also not be Curacao if it were all that easy. Of course we do have a few challenges as well. None of my lights work properly, I have a broken toilet seat and no curtain in my bedroom which means it is bathed in light by about 6am. Those of you who know me, or have been lucky enough to spend the night with me know that unless I was somewhat inebriated the night before I am rather sensitive to light

More importantly, my glass sliding doors which double as the only entrance have decided that they don't really like the new occupant and have been playing up. So, if you would have been at my house Wednesday evening, you could have witnessed some rather interesting scenes:

There is my landlord, his handyman Fritz (love it!), the neighbor and myself trying to convince the doors to open in the beams of some car lights and flashlights.

During all this the 3 of them converse heatedly in Dutch. To cut a long story short, I takes about an hour to get me inside.

Well, I could tell you more, but I gotta go. The laundry is waiting and Happy Hour begins in 90 minutes.

No time to waste! More after the Housewarming (or hopefully cooling) party.

Take care!

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