Saturday, 29 March 2008
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Finally there is a new blog entry! Would you believe it? And finally I have something to write about again.

I figured that you guys might not be very interested in the budgeting and forecasting troubles that have plagued me in the time since the last entry and I did not really have the time to sit down anyway.

Now however, there is something to report and while I still don't have the time, here we go anyway.

On March 14, after almost exactly half a year away from Europe I was on my way home again to good old Germany to see family, friends, colleagues, doctors, a football game and any notable new arrivals. Apart from that there was the prospect of good food (and hopefully lots of it), drink and well deserved sleep in my own bed.

It all starts with a KLM flight from Curacao Airport to Amsterdam. This is a scheduled daily flight (9 hours) and theoretically not a just some sort of holiday shuttle. Reality looks very different. The plane is packed with tanned and sunburned Dutch people returning home after a lots of sun and booze. There is dozens of children and I guess about 10 to 15 babies.

Holidaying is clearly no easy task for a family and looking after a lot of these little critters is not easy I guess. In any case, there are the first tantrums, tears and parents losing it already on the ground. Oh joy! And I have almost 10 hours of quality time ahead of me with all of them in a flying steel tube...

Most of you know that I am not very good around children (especially little ones) at the best of times. I am also fairly sensitive to noise and in general have trouble sleeping on planes so this would be a real test.

As it turns out (not at all unexpected really), there would be almost no quiet time on the plane without one of the little bundles sharing their extended lung capacity and voice capability testing with the rest of us. You would think all this screaming takes up a lot of energy and that they would get tired after a while, but alas no. And if really, there is always some tag team partner to take over for a while.

How I wish I could kick out one of these emergency exits and throw the lot of them out. It worked very well in Indiana Jones for those of you who remember. Would be a bit windy in the cabin for a while, but still... image

No really, give me snoring or even vomiting people anytime, even the dreaded talkers, I trade them all against the babies.

Whatever, eventually we make it to Amsterdam and apparently land somewhere near Holland, Amsterdam or the actual airport because after "only" about half an hour of taxiing we make it to our gate. Don't get me wrong, I actually have to admit that I do like Schiphol. It's clean and very well organized. With my five hours there I also had a chance to re-acquaint myself with European prices. I mean, EUR 6.99 for a Quarter Pounder Menu, come on!

Well, I managed to refrain from starting to drink at 8:30 am and finally caught my flight to Munich.

When I got off the flight in Munich I was delighted to see that some considerate soul had installed a TV at the baggage reclaim which was showing the Bundesliga Live Konferenz. I was not all all delighted to see Cottbus 2, Bayern München 0 but there you go.

Luggage took very long but in the end I got it and my dad was outside (3 degrees, brrrrrrrr) waiting.

Half an hour later I was home at the dining room table having Leberkäs with an Urweisse, the new product of Erdinger Weissbräu (, after that Sportschau on the couch. Aaaaah, bliss.

Then one of my brothers asks me to drive him to work, which is something I would normally only reluctantly leave the couch for. However, I'm up quickly for this one.

You see, both of my brothers have recently acquired new cars. Or should I maybe say rockets? They both now drive the BMW Z4 3.0si.  Just look at it... trust me it sounds sexy as well...117202550_1

I would admit that is probably not the most fuel-efficient car you can find and that you have to be fairly bendy to get in and out. I actually recommend that you always carry a shoehorn in case you get stuck, but otherwise...

Yes baby, 265 brake horse power which will accelerate you from 0 - 100km/h in 5.7 seconds.

Being used now to automatic cars and driving 100km/h on the ring in Curacao being the high point of my week, I certainly lack the skill to do that. The weather was not too friendly towards any kind of speed testing either, so I only drop off my brother and then drive back home making only a minor detour to see what the baby can do. Phew....

After having folded my ears back in the normal position I later go out with some old friends from school. This is what I probably enjoy the most about coming home: The fact that my arrival brings together people that normally don't see each other and that I don't have to worry for one second what I might do on a particular day.

The good old Weinwirt ( we go to is one of my former employers and also where one of my brothers works now.

It also brings me a new experience: Going out smoke free in Germany! Smoke-free that is until you enter the office of the boss, where I went to say a quick hello. Good Lord! I forgot my breathing gear, so I have to make it quick and retreat before the white fog engulfs me completely and suffocation is only moments away...

And so end the first 24 hours of my holiday... There is more to come... I hope I'll find the time...

Take care


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