Thursday, 10 December 2009
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As you might or might not know I come from a pretty small family. Apart from my parents I have 2 brothers and one uncle and that is pretty much it. My dad has some cousins and there is one sister of my grandma left. My uncle is not married and has no kids and neither my brothers or myself have any children.

As such, our family reunions are pretty civilized undertakings usually going some like this…

Me: ah, you again brother.

Brother: Yes, me.

Me: All said then, let’s eat. Formula One race starts in an hour…

About one hour and five minutes later we’re all fed and asleep on the couch with the TV on.

As you’ll probably gather from this, my social skills are somewhat lacking in this respect, especially where small children are involved.

All this is a bit different on Marianela’s side. Since Friday I have met more uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces etc. than ever before in my 34 years on this planet. I used to be really good at remembering names, but that again seems to be a thing of the past. I try to memorize the more important characters like real aunts and uncles, the godfather etc. but it is not easy. Moreover, these relatives come in all sizes and what is a bit worrying to me is that they are all doctors or of some other reputable profession. Fine, there is a lawyer too, but there usually is a black sheep in every family.

I actually have no clue what my brothers do exactly. One of them sells hoses and the other insurance I believe. Both are semi-professional gamblers. I then work in hotels in some remote location nobody has ever heard of. Nothing to brag about I guess. Where does that leave me with these people?

Here there are pneumologists or whatever lung doctors are called, gastro-enterologists or whatever stomach doctors are called, gynecologists, dentists, urologists, surgeons, pharmacologists, nose/ear/throat doctors or whatever they are called and god knows what else. At least I guess it is a good place to get sick…

The other somewhat worrying thing is that there are children (and lots of them) from about 1 to 15 years. Since moving to this side of the world, I have grown used to seeing tons of children. Everybody over here seems to start at about age 20 and then keeps going for 3-6 rounds. As this had never interfered with me in any way, I just took it for granted. That all changed a little bit. On Sunday we went to Tio (uncle) Tony’s house and he has 10 grandchildren. I believe they were all present. I’m okay with the ones from about 10 onwards, especially if they understand my language. The fact that I apparently have a funny name helps too. I can endure all the interrogation etc. The smaller ones leave me feeling uncomfortable. I have no skills that help me relate to them and they have no skills that I find interesting. I guess I better learn some magic tricks or how to let milk run through my nose or something if this is to work out properly.

I shall leave you with this thought and I will be back soon reporting on the miracle that is Panama!

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