Tuesday, 19 January 2010
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Well, I guess I can’t hold it off any longer… I will have to tell you about my new home. I don’t think I have told you yet, but 004as of the middle of August, I am now a resident of Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia you might wonder… where and what is that?

Well, let me tell you what I have figured out so far and also what I have plagiarized from the St. Lucia island guide.

St. Lucia lies roughly between 60 and 61 degrees West longitude and 13 and 14 degrees North latitude. It is approximately 1,300 miles southeast of Florida. St. Lucia is part of the Windward Island chain, a sub-group of islands within the West Indies. The island is 238 square miles big and it is 21 miles from its nearest neighbor Martinique. It is 24 miles north of St. Vincent and 100 miles north-east of Barbados.

013I guess you will have to consult a globe or get out the old charts…

St. Lucia possesses some of the finest natural harbors in the Caribbean, and is centrally located within easy reach of the rest of the region and North America. It was as a result of this strategic location that the French and the British fought endlessly for possession of the island. St. Lucia changed hands 14 times between the two colonial powers. A tug-of-war that inspired one British historian to give St. Lucia the sobriquet (good ey?) “Helen of the West Indies”, comparing the island to Helen of Troy, a mythical Greek character whose beauty mobilized and entire navy (and Brad Pitt).

St. Lucia is 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, with a shape that is said to resemble a mango. The main language in St. Lucia is English. A French based Creole is also spoken, a result of St. Lucia’s dual British-French heritage.002

The climate is tropical, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Let me tell you, it feels a lot hotter though and I sweat like a pig. Depending on where you are on the island, it can rain up to 160 inches, which, as you will appreciate if you are into Victorian measurements (and maybe even if you’re not), is a lot of rain.

But enough blablabla, let me tell you what really matters. Of all the Caribbean islands I have visited so far, it is certainly the prettiest. There are stunning beaches, landscapes and views, tropical waterfalls, colorful birds and other interesting animals. The climate encourages a lush growth and everything is green. You can visit a Drive-In volcano along with sulphur springs!

There is much to discover and explore. There are nice restaurants and there is some nightlife too. Well worth a visit!

At the same time, make no mistake, this is a third world country. Poverty is a real problem. Infrastructure is a problem wherever you look. Roads, medical facilities, banking, schools, even stuff like gas stations and supermarkets are not to be taken for granted. Half the stuff you and I are used to is not available. Getting something in from the real world is ridiculously expensive because of the duties you will have to pay. If you need something done, it is not unheard of to pay a bribe. The white population is less than 4% and you really stand out. If you venture out as a single white guy, you WILL be very popular.

085 Right now, this part of the island is without water for the last 4 days. The hotel has a tank and it is now empty and it will become a real problem very soon. I have no idea what the normal people do.

I would talk about my new apartment and show you some pictures but then half of you would not talk to me again ever.

And so with that I will leave you today. I still hope that a few of you will come and visit me at some point. There are good times to be had!

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